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Available Services to Protect Your Art

Hand Cleaning

When was the last time your rug was professionally cleaned, by hand? Our caring hands ensure each rug is properly dusted, meticulously cleaned, and thoroughly dried, maintaining your rug's beauty for generations of enjoyment. Shiraz Oriental Rug Gallery offers FREE pick-up and delivery when having your rugs cleaned.

Rug Repair & Restoration

In case of damage, just about any problem has a solution with professional restoration. Old & Antique rugs sometimes need to be rewoven where worn and restored to life. Contact Shiraz Oriental rug Galleries for all of your repair and restoration needs.


Have your rug appraised every three years. Today, most insurance companies require proper documentation of your rug's retail value. Please feel free to contact Shiraz Oriental Rug Gallery in regards to your rug appraisal needs.


Does your rug move out of place? Enhance the appearance of your hand-woven rugs with invisible pad solutions for any surface. Call today to schedule Shiraz Oriental Rug Gallery to provide a FREE custom installation of the pads best suited for your application.

Treatment & Maintenance

Please feel free to contact Shiraz Oriental Rug Gallery at any time to schedule a FREE yearly rotation for your rugs, making sure they receive even exposure to light, traffic, and wear.

Packing and Shipping

Please feel free to contact Shiraz Oriental Rug Gallery at any time to schedule a FREE packing and shipping with your purchase.

Other Services

We offer many other services that makes Shiraz Oriental Rug Gallery your one-stop store for all your interior decorating needs. We understand how much you cherish your treasure and we want to be of great service to you.



Shiraz Oriental Rug Gallery Interior Design Department

Shiraz Oriental Rug Gallery is grateful to be working with some of the most talented interior designers in the country. By combining the expertise of our expanding worldwide network of highly skilled designers with the best resource for premium handmade rugs, we continue to unite clients and designers to achieve the ultimate in interior design solutions.

Finding the perfect antique rug is only the start of the interior design battle. The style war really begins when you bring your rug home and step foot in the trenches of putting it down. But, don't despair! We've pulled together the handiest tricks of the decor trade to help you lay your rug down the right way – the first time.

Shiraz Oriental Rug Gallery is implementing new ways to match clients with qualified designers who can provide expert advice. Our Directory of recommended designers is a great example of this philosophy. This unique collection provides our clients with a trusted resource when looking for a designer that best meets their needs.

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